El Lúpolo And St. Patrick

After reading this fun piece on the cocktail El Lúpolo

I started to think about the beer fads like beer cocktails that came and went but should still be part of a beer fans repertoire. First to come to mind was beer floats which would work especially well today with St. Patrick’s not being the brewery party this year. Get some Guinness or a nitro stout and pair it with some artisanal ice creams.

Another MIA fad is pairing beer and chocolate . On the few occasions that beer pairings are talked about, it is usually with cheese but chocolate needs to get a few more chances to intermingle flavors.

Keep experimenting even without the fad seal of approval.

Beer Syrup

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Craft beer cocktails is a side diversion (and a cool one) in some forward thinking bars and now with The Beer Syrup Company you can use their non-alcoholic beer syrups at home.  They are simple syrups with craft beer as the base with flavors like Mocha Porter, Vanilla Espresso Porter, Pecan Nut Brown and Bourbon Barrel Stout.

The Beer Syrup people recommend it for “creating cocktails behind the bar and as an ingredient for different foods in the kitchen.  Or if you like it straight, we recommend it as a sweetener in your coffee or tea and as a syrup for your waffles or pancakes.”

MMM.  Beer and pancakes.




The job of creating cocktails for a nationwide chain must be hard enough. Trying to please corporate and managers without ever seeing an actual customer and finding out what they would actually like with their Red Robin burger.

Then fold in having to satisfy tie-ins and “synergy” must just add a whole new level of difficulty.

I imagine the discussion was, “tell the cocktail person that they need to use this brand of vodka and this brand beer and to use the can too ’cause the dishwasher costs are too damn high.”

On a side note, I like how they slyly add craft into the tag.  It dresses up the Coors.

I would rather buy Paula Deen butter because these cocktails look absolutely gross.

Beer (and Cocktails) for the People

One sure fire way to appreciate our favorite malty beverage more is to check out what the world of wine and spirits are doing. I have already highlighted the Beer vs. Wine annual showdown at Ladyface because I believe that beer people are not alone in crafting high quality drinks. But if you just can’t go without craft beer then how about the new-ish world of beer cocktails? Clear space on the 25th in your calendars.

“Come join Eagle Rock Brewery at Kings Row Gastropub in Pasadena for an evening of beer-infused tiki cocktails, masterminded by 1886’s Brady Weise.

Which beers will be used?? Well, your favorite Eagle Rock Brewery beers, of course! (Shhh… but there may even be some super special beer that we’ll tap a barrel for…) It’s a proper summer tiki party so be sure to come dressed in your best Hawaiian shirt (or hell, a grass skirt and coconuts if you’d prefer) because it may win you a fabulous prize!

The cost for 4 amazing beer-infused tiki drinks (complete with sidecars of the beer that’s in it) is just $15. But be sure to RSVP because space is limited. All you have to do is email james@kingsrowpub.com or call 626.793.3010 to reserve a spot.”

Beer Mixology

It looks like one of the beer trends to have legs is the Beer cocktail. And one way it will stay in the forefront is with the new….

You can check out recipes and the people behind the website HERE. And I would suggest starting with the Beer-mosa and working up from there.

LA Beer Week – Day Twelve – Dionicess

Dionicess is hard to explain but easy to love. You just can’t pin down what will be on hand when you walk in. Beerimasu and Firestone-Walker one time, partnering with Eric Greenspan and the Foundry restaurant another.

This time the pairing of Gev, Randy Clemens, Dave Watrous and Matt Biancaniello has tackled beer cocktails. And an eclectic group of cocktails they were.

How about Lambic Pentameter with strawberries, elderflower liquer, white balsamic and rare distilled lambic? Or let’s get crazy and have a smoked beer with rum, lemon, sage and pumpkin air. Or the Cascading Hophead. with Thrill Seeker IPA from Beachwood, grapefruit, lemon, honey and hop infused gin?

I simply do not know how one goes about pulling those ingredients together into one recipe. It is like musicians knowing just the right notes to make a song, well, sing.

The great thing about an event like this and Deconstructed from last week, is that I was forced to try food that I normally wouldn’t. Figs! I ate a fig. Probably won’t again for a while but it didn’t kill me. My favorite though was the Risotto Lollipop with rice, sage, hazelnuts and parmigiano-reggiano. Delicious.

Oh and the proceeds go to charity, The Real Medicine Foundation.

LA Beer Week – The Edison


Ever since I first heard of the Edison, I’ve been wanting to visit. But not being a mixed drinks enthusiast or a fan of crowds or for that matter dressing up, I’ve put it off. Walking in to the foyer, you can tell that they put some money into this. Interesting layout and set of chairs. Looks like it was set up to force people to mingle rather than sit. Very dark inside which made photography of the drinks near impossible.

But last night, I had an excuse to go. Cocktails made with beer! Aidan Demarest had three different examples at the bar and I stepped up to the plate and had two of them.

First up (the one I did not try) the Enlightenment is made with Edison’s own lager blended with bourbon and pomegranate.

Next is the Jack O’Lantern with Rye, apple juice and Floris Apple Beer. This was very sweet. Almost too much so. I probably would have left out the apple juice and just left the rye and apple beer.

Last but not least, the Dublin Dessert. Youngs Double Chocolate Stout with Jameson Irish whiskey and a dash of honey. This had big chocolate taste. And boy did it warm me up fast. This was not a light drink.

And in between the cocktails, there was a cask of living Stone IPA with Simcoe and Amararillo hops. Nice floral aroma and a good change of pace from the typical Stone hop bombs. Also got a glass from a jereboam of Chimay Grande Reserve. Wow. That was a powerful with yeast and alcohol that reached out and grabbed me.

Got to talk with Jay Baum, one of the forces behind LA Beer Week as well as Scott Wiegand from Stone, fresh off the blowout at Naja’s last night.

I would heartily suggest that you check out the Edison. The beer list is small but decent but you are going more for the interior design and the absinthe fairies anyway, right?

Beer Cocktails

Great post on Epicurious about beer cocktails.


I have fallen victim to a snakebite before but I may have to try that again. I have had a shandy before as well and could not drink it.  Same with Berliner Weisse with raspberry.  But the Stout Diplomat sounds intriguing.  I may have to give that a try.