Looking for something to drink in the first week of 2021 that will set the tone for the rest of the year? Well, how about a decadent and boozy candy in a wax topped bottle from Beachwood. The bottle dropped on New Years and will certainly be a tasty treat.

Mad Barrel Men

As we round into autumn, thoughts turn to barrel-aged beers. On Wednesday, Beachwood, who works barrels like magicians have a wax dipped bottle for you. Draper’s Dram is a “Manhattan-inspired bourbon barrel-aged dark ale, spiced to perfection.”


Beachwood Brewing has recently released a new pilsner, To Long Beach with Love. It is a “Dry Hopped Pilsner w/ citrus and herbal terpenes”.

Per the brewery, the beer is done “In support of the conversations, changes, and actions needed to combat social injustices, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from “To Long Beach with Love” to the California Conference for Equality and Justice.”

A Hop-Adelic Trip

If you want to learn about hops and on the side have a great meal while you are it, Beachwood Brewing has a deal for you. You get hop knowledge from renonwed brewmaster, Julian Shrago, who will get you involved with a “hands-on hop sensory experience where you’ll learn about 7 different hop varieties that we will blend as a group to create a truly one-of-a-kind IPA for the people!” Tickets on sale Monday 3/9

Beachwood + Cascade

I usually blow through the onslaught of beer release calendars but I did catch one beer that seems to be a powerhouse collaboration to look for (though it will probably be expensive).

Beachwood heading north to Cascade to make a sour wheat ale with smoked malt.  Oak aged with whole pineapple and mango.  This could be like grilled fruit and it sounds very promising.

Sadie 2018

Beachwood’s 2018 version of their Dark Ale Sadie has the usual Barrel Aged pedigree but this year brings vanilla as well.

The November 1st release will see the use of vanilla beans and will be available at all three Beachwood locations (Seal Beach, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach) for $9.99 for a 12oz bottle.