A Podcast & A Beer – Doctor Who: Redacted

I am usually a non-fiction podcast listener but I have quite enjoyed the seven episodes that I have listened to so far of Doctor Who: Redacted.

People are going missing. Forgetting seems to be happening to everyone and three intrepid podcasters try to track down the mystery of what is happening and why a mysterious blue box is involved.

For me, fiction audio needs to have immersive techniques used. Bring in the foley artists, use echos and other sound tricks. Actors reading can take you only so far and DW: Redacted is using a lot of effects that work really well with the story created that has a lot of Whovian history shout outs. Though they have been way tooo heavy with the Doctor. Who? dialogue. We know this is about memory, no need to bang on about it so often.

That quibble aside, the twenty minute episodes move fast and are give room for each of the three main characters, Abby, Shauna and Cleo to tell their stories.

To pair with this podcast you can go one of two ways, three if you want to use it as an excuse to have British beer. One is to have beers brewed by women to match with our protagonists.

The other option being to pick a beer that embodies the spirit of someone no longer with us. A beer that brings back a memory. I might pick up a wine/beer hybrid that is a combo of what my dad drank and what I drink. Take a walk down memory lane.

The 13th Doctor (or 15th)

It was a very British day yesterday with the Mens final match at Wimbledon followed immediately thereafter with the long awaited announcement via a teaser trailer of who would take the acting reins from Peter Capaldi and be the next Doctor Who.

Congrats to Jodie Whittaker and new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Let’s hope they can bring a steady hand to a series that had some highs and lows the past three years.

Now Game of Thrones has a whole range of beers, and I think it is high time for Doctor Who to get a few themselves.

Here are some suggestions for the BBC to ponder….

Darillium Sparkling Ale – a light fizzy golden ale made with champagne yeast.

Missy’s Extra Special Stab in the Back Bitter – a light cask ale dry hopped with Galaxy

Companion Kolsch – light and refreshing and perfect to spend time with

Souffle Girl – a nitro cream ale that puffs up with a foamy head.

Sonic Screwdriver Session IPA – a loud blast of hops that will open up taste buds but not wooden doors.

The Original, You Might Say – a thoroughly English “tele” porter. Quick and dirty like a vortex manipulator.

The Doctor has Landed (Again)

Tonight Peter Capaldi’s Doctor lands the TARDIS into a new season….

So, what beer will I be drinking as I watch where Clara, The resurrected Mistress and special guests and monsters go to to find Gallifrey?

Other than this mythical beer…
The easy places to start with would be the Ninkasi Space Beer or anything Scottish to match the brogue of Capaldi. Maybe Paradox from BrewDog. Even easier would be Two-Hearted IPA from Bell’s.

Or you could go historical and find your oldest beer in the cellar to make your own brewing time travel trip.

I haven’t decided what I will drink but the whatever the bottle is, it will be exterminated.