Whether you call them Mom & Pop, locals, or small business, times are tough. That is why I am highlighting The Fable, right close to me in Eagle Rock.

You can get a nice, little array of beverages from them. Cider, cocktails, kombucha and yes, beer. It may not be the tip of the beer curve, but if you need to support local. It should be an option.

Vroman’s 1894

One of my favorite bookstores to just wander through. Making loops to make sure that I don’t miss anything is Vroman’s. And now they are adding a bar! Up 1894, named after the year the bookstore opened, will serve wine, cocktails and of course beer. Now that a few days have passed since serving, most of the kinks should be worked out. Time to sip and read.

Beer & Bible

Whatever your stand on having a beer after mass, you have to admit that the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp has some serious design savvy. The modular bar looks both modern and church-like. Just looking at the photo you would know that. Add in that the space can be booked for private events, that they have two special church only beers (Aurore blond and Memento dark), and is open during the cathredals normal operating hours and you have a really cool space to drink and discuss weighty topics of the day.

Tower of Beer-or?

Adult beverages for parents seems to be the new thing at theme parks. Universal kinda-had to have a Moe’s Tavern for it’s Simpsons Land and their new Harry Potter attraction also has some magical alchoholic potion.

Disneyland hides the good stuff at their Club 33 but next door at California Adventure, beer and wine were there from the start and if they follow the suit of their Florida brethren, the Twilight Zone – Tower of Terror may end up with a Hollywood meets falling elevator drinking spot.

I think the Disney Anaheim folks can utilize the Downtown Disney and Hotels to sell themed drinks in those bars. If you can afford Disneyland nowadays, and you really have to put a drink in your hand between rides, then head to a bar and get a Star Tours Mos Eisley Cantina Margarita or Captain Hook’s Crocodile Mezcal.

Some places should retain the child like wonder.

Mikkeller in L.A.

It has been confirmed that Mikkeller is coming to L.A. in bar form at least.
Those who have made the trek north to San Francisco to their Mikkeller Bar will be excited that L.A. will get a version of their own. The corner of Olympic and Olive will be the home of ours. How long until we have our choice of tap Mikkeller beer remains to be seen but expect a year before we see the multi-tap extravaganza of well-curated beers to open.

Then we will join the ranks of Copenhagen, Seoul and Reykjavik in the Mikkeller family.

BrewDog in London

In case you missed it like I did, BrewDog Camden opened in December of last year expanding the reach of the Scottish renegades beer crusade south.

Or as BrewDog puts it, “Just a stone’s throw from Camden Tube Station, the BrewDog bar at 113 Bayham Street adds a much needed craft beer injection to an area that’s typically associated with a twisted mix of indie drinking dens, chic VIP venues and mental aslyums.”

So now there are 3 locations to get your BrewDog on.

Photos from the Surly Goat

If you are a craft beer lover and you live in Los Angeles, get your taste buds to the Surly Goat.
If you are a fan of the Verdugo, then you will love the Surly Goat.
Why such high praise? Because the beer list is great, the bottle list is great and they care about educating the consumer and have knowledgeable staff.