‘Cado 19

Avocado August is almost upon us.

Angel City Brewery keeps upping their game with this year’s (4) avocado ale variants:

The day will feature specialty pours including:

  • Classic – Avocado Ale
  • Guavacado Ale – Guava and Avocado Ale
  • Lavacado Ale – Spicy Avocado Ale
  • Javacado Ale – Coffee and Avocado Ale

There is also…”a special cask ale only available on tours: Avocado Grapefruit Ale made with local grapefruits from their non-profit partner Food Forward.

The festivities run from August 2nd to August 4th.


For you fans of the guac, it is that time of year down at Angel City. The 2018 Avocado Fest is on the way. Even I enjoy the beer and I find actual avocados a wee bit gross.

The “Kölsch-style ale will be available exclusively at the Angel City Public House and will be released in 4-packs of 16 oz. on Friday, August 10th, starting at 12pm.”

The 6th edition of the fest starts Saturday, August 11th at appropriately, 11am and will run through Sunday, August 12th until 8pm. There will be food, a DJ and plenty of beer.

5 Avocados

We are now up to five. The number of Avocado Fest’s that Angel City has celebrated. This year two days of Avocado love on August 5th and August 6th will be happening.

Plus the special can release of Avocado Ale that I mentioned in a previous post.

Here are the details per the brewery:
-live music from 2 pm to 7 pm each day
-Avocado themed contests
-live mural painting presented by Art Share-LA
-a crowd participation mural
-outdoor beer garden
-partial proceeds will benefit Art Share-LA and Ron Finley Project.
-great food
-And of course… Avocado Ale!