Review – Oktoberfest from Athletic Brewing

For a change if pace, let’s review an N/A Oktofest bier. From my go to, Athletic Brewing.

This has a pleasing beer being brewed, grist mill aroma. Doesn’t quite have the breadiness that I associate with the style though. A bit thin and watery. I get a hint of fest but it seems diluted to me. More tea like in flavor. It is a common non-alcoholic problem where everything seems too muted.

N/A Treats

Athletic Brewing Company is entering the festbier ring with “America’s first non-alcoholic Oktoberfest brew. In honor of the traditional Oktoberfest beers, this Festbier is brewed with German Vienna and Munich malts, and German Hersbrucker hops.”

And they sent out their intro to the beer email in September like normal non PSL in July people!

Featured Review – Free Wave Hazy IPA from Athletic Brewing

Hazy and N/A? Let’s dive into the next Free Wave from Athletic Brewing

First item of visual business is that it is not holding the haze very well. It isn’t crystal clear but a little added murk is in order. The aroma is very much orange candy or soda. That carries over into the taste which has a pretty good level of piney dank bitterness but I am not getting the pillowy quality that should be in the style. Then the body fades at the end a bit. If this was labeled West Coast, it would get higher ratings but for a hazy, it misses too many marks

Featured Review – Nature Nut from Athletic Brewing

Peanut butter beers are the rage right now, but what would an N/A one taste like? Let’s see what Athletic Brewing can do with Nature Nut a collaboration with Justin’s Nut Butters.

Double N pours a nearly black color. The aroma has a slight peanut butter aroma to it. Akin to the smell when you stir up a natural peanut butter when first opened. Again, Athletic has made a beer that does not taste thin like others in this category. There is a bit of a cherry note amidst the carbonation that hits upon first taste which quickly leaves and then a pleasant but light peanut tastes lingers.

No Cost Wave

Non-alcoholic brewery Athletic is bringing the N/A haze full time with…

Here is the brewery description: “Free Wave Hazy IPA is a medium-bodied IPA, aggressively hopped with Amarillo and Chinook hops. Free Wave has just 70 calories and features a softer and simpler cloudy wheat body that showcases the hops. Drinkers will experience notes of orange blossoms, orange, citrus, and wheat. The hops are gripping and aggressive.”

This is the one brewery (so far) that has made a beer beer without the alcohol so you Haze fans should jump on this. It can be shipped anywhere.

Athletic in San Diego

Non-Alcoholic East Coast brewer Athletic has pounced on the former Ballast Point “Trade Street” brewing facility and will be shipping their beer out the door in mid-May. This new production hub will increase their capacity and help them meet a demand across its 10 state distribution footprint. And maybe they will even add a taproom to this spot as well.

N/A Day – Athletic Brewing Review

I have been long fascinated by the Non-Alcoholic sector of craft beer. It seems so wide open. Then I taste an N/A beer and realize that it must be harder than thought ’cause they always taste off in one small way or another.

In one of my bursts of podcast binging, I heard about Athletic Brewing and for Christmas, I bought the IPA and Stout. Will my bad run continue?

Starting with the IPA, Run Wild, there is a pronounced orange and grapefruit aroma as you pop the can.  This is quite hoppy with a bracing bitter finish.  It has a watery quenching mouthfeel like a session IPA.  As the beer warms up I get pine and grapefruit pith tastes.

All Out Stout starts off with a big pillowy espresso hued head.  A bit like a cold brew coffee taste. It is a little thin with a mixture of tastes like licorice and cocoa beans.  It is more a porter to me and a touch too sweet.

Overall though, these taste like beer.  None of my quibbles are do to the usual N/A complaints of tasting like wort or having a weird secondary flavor.  I would drink the hell out of the IPA, especially on a hot day.  I guess the best recommendation is that I want to try more.  Their Saison really intrigues me.