Baltic 11

Figueroa Mountain is turning to an unusual style for their 11th Anniversary Ale…

“Our 11th Anniversary is a luscious Baltic-Style Porter lagered in both Four Roses Bourbon, and Pinhook Rye whiskey barrels. Rich and complex, our 11th Anniversary has notes of Chocolate, Coffee, Toasted Almond, Spiced Honey and Dates. We added Toasted Coconut and Bourbon Barrel-aged Vanilla for even more delicious complexity.”

That is a beer dressed to the nines, or elevens.


Burnin Daylight may want to amend the name to Burn 4 since they will be on sale in 4-pack cans. But since this is the first Anniversary IPA from the Lomita brewery, this name fits to. Debuting on draft as well on Saturday, February 1st from 11:30-5PM.

Here is how the brewery characterizes the IPA, ““Burn One” is a dry and clear West Coast IPA featuring the hop STRATA with dank notes of passion fruit and strawberry coming in at 6.5% ”

Review – Ten from Eagle Rock Brewery

With Eagle Rock celebrating Mardi Gras style for their 10th anniversary tomorrow, I thought I should give a review of their numbered IPA.

Number 10 pours a bright orange. Very West-Coast style which I am either buying more or seeing more of on shelves.  Getting pine and Cascade Hop notes.  Some tiny grapefruit flavors come in as well. Aroma is pith, citrus rind in character.  Earthy on the back with a little bit of ABV burn.

Review – Morgan Marzen from Eagle Rock Brewery

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.54.04 AM

Last year, Sunset Beer Co. collaborated with Monkish on a 3rd anniversary beer.  This year they stayed closer to home and enlisted Eagle Rock Brewery to help them celebrate year 4.

Here are my thoughts on the Morgan Marzen…

#1 on the taplist at the crowded bar that was 1/2 Dodger faithful and 1/2 beer geeks, the beer pours a bright and crystal clear orange with reddish tints.  This beer is all about the malt lots of toasty grain notes in each sip.  It is also sparkly on the tongue with a good dose of carbonation.  There is a Germanic note of lager metallic on the back end but the next taste re-asserts the grain to the forefront.  This is very much to style.  No bells or whistles, just a simple reproduction of a classic beer.  Plus the colorful label is another design win.