I like it when wine and beer have a get together.

“These Piquette Grisette beauties were fermented and macerated for one month on leftover Mission & Zinfandel pomace (the grape skins left after pressing wine) from our L.A. River neighbors over at @AngelenoWine…. River Adjacent, get it?! Lastly, we aged em’ in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for 9 months with a combination of sour and wild yeast cultures.

River Adjacent Zinfandel is a refreshing 4.7% slightly orange hue Grisette with soft sour notes and hints of clove, starfruit, peach and oak. Rounded out with aromas reminiscent of tangerines and pears with just a little bit of funk and a touch of black pepper.

River Adjacent Mission is a delicious little 4.3% sipper, slightly pink in hue with aromas of blood orange and black pepper. Balanced by a soft sourness and notes reminiscent of clove, starfruit, cherries and oak.”

Angeleno Wine Company

First a park, then a restaurant, then a brewery and now, logically, a winery. Angeleno Wine Company is joining the Majordomo, Highland Park Brewery and the Los Angeles Historic Park. Returning wine to its past roots in the city.

Here are three of the wines that caught my eye that you will be able to try when they open later this year:
Alonso Family Vineyard Tannat
“Of all the magic that is the Alonso Family Vineyard, the crown jewel is the Tannat. Tannat is a grape that originates from the Southwest of France, areas like Irouléuy and Madiran, where it typically makes a rough tannic wine that can sometimes take years to mellow out. However, here in north Los Angeles County, the terroir is such that the wines come out softened, delicate and elegant and a nose that is vibrant with herbs and red berry fruit.”

Rio Del Mar Vineyard Pinot Noir
“Just east of Santa Cruz, pressed up next to Highway 1 and 3/4 of a mile from the coast, lies Rob Marani’s Rio Del Mar Vineyard. Just under 5 acres in size this is one of the closest, if not the closest vineyard to the coast in California. Planted to 100% Pinot Noir, the wine from this vineyard is cloaked with aromas of spice and brush. It is super velvety on the palate and thanks to the cool climate has plenty of acid to give it structure and life.”

Bike Path
“Made from 100% Los Angeles County fruit grown in Agua Dulce at the amazing Alonso Family Vineyard, Bike Path is a mellow, thirst quenching, silky red blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha.”