The Avocado is Back

One of the running jokes over the past few months has been, What Day is It? I had that same sense of time displacement when I heard that the Angel City Avocado Ale is back. Now usually, that means more green than a St. Patrick’s Day at the DTLA brewery as people line up to have guacamole and more. This year will be a more virtual Avocado toast.


No matter what side of the tracks you come from, currently reside in, you are East of something. And so you will be able to enjoy this coming release from Angel City.

The lager is described as, ” The first of the series, Export Lager is a balanced, crisp lager with floral notes produced from the choicest grains and hops. The brewery has been brewing versions of the style under various names, and in 2019 this final version won Gold for the Pale European Beer category in The California Craft Brewer’s Competition. Inspired by those fairly underrepresented classic lager styles found in Northern Germany, export lagers are known for robust malt flavor and spicy hop character.”

Don’t Forget to CC

Angel City has done a recipe refresh on their Do Not Reply All, taking it out of the Double Dry Hopped realm and over into the hazy category.

The new Do Not Reply All is brewed with Ekuanot, El Dorado and Simcoe hops, leading to “tropical fruit and pineapple notes, a creamy mouthfeel and dry finish”.


Needed or Not? – Hardened Coffee

After my experiences with “hard” sodas, I have pretty much sworn off the whole Hard –Insert Beverage Here—trend.  I am sure that “hard” grape juice is just around the corner.  But no, next up is “hard” cold brew?

I give Angel City the benefit of the doubt and I am glad they didn’t just add a Sam Adams spiked seltzer to their line-up and instead went a new route.  That being said, if I have the choice a beer made with coffee or heading to a roaster and getting cold brew, well, those are the two choices that I am going to make.  Having an alcoholic coffee that isn’t a cocktail doesn’t even register on my list.

VerdictNOT needed.

Do Not Reply at All

photo courtesy of Angel City

Flipping the other way the Matthew Laurence Knott designed can label for the newest hazy double-dry-hopped double IPA from Angel City showcases the artist well and fits with the POV of the Arts District brewery. Just do not Reply All.

What’s a Speculoos?

If you have dropped into a Trader Joe’s in the last year, you have run into Speculoos. As popular as Cinnamon Brooms but even harder to spell.

Angel City has taken on that cookie taste profile in their latest special edition beer that has a pantry of ingredients in it…

….Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, white pepper, clove, anise and brown sugar.

I would guess this would make a great float beer with some Trader Joe’s ice cream.

Renovations Day – Patio of Angels

Los Angeles kind of demands outdoor patios but liquor laws tend to push beer inside. So many signs say “No beer past this point”. Now Angel City is finally constructing an outdoor drinking space to augment their Public House in the Arts District.

All of the paperwork took a year to get to this point so the outdoor space will open in January (it will probably be sunny). There will be “picnic tables, green space, more room for art, and a brand new fire pit created by Arts District-based sculptor David Hollen.”

And since they were in build mode anyway, Angel City decided to add a brand new grain silo. With a 200,000 pounds of grain capacity.

You can have a beer and see the construction phase, then return next year for the unveiling.


For you fans of the guac, it is that time of year down at Angel City. The 2018 Avocado Fest is on the way. Even I enjoy the beer and I find actual avocados a wee bit gross.

The “Kölsch-style ale will be available exclusively at the Angel City Public House and will be released in 4-packs of 16 oz. on Friday, August 10th, starting at 12pm.”

The 6th edition of the fest starts Saturday, August 11th at appropriately, 11am and will run through Sunday, August 12th until 8pm. There will be food, a DJ and plenty of beer.