The Alt-everse

In a different corner of the multiverse, alt-biers might be the style to brew. It is a bit of an odd duck fermentation wise which is part of the reason it is not often seen.

But Los Angeles Ale Works is here with their Alternate Universe Alt-Bier.

Here is the brewery description- “Originating from Düsseldorf, an Altbier is a traditional German beer fermented at lower temps with a cold aging longer than an ale but shorter than a lager. We went 100% German malt, adding a twist with an American Style dry hop of Simcoe and Cascade. The balance between hops and malt on this is incredible. Copper in color, fruity, light bodied with a crisp and bitter finish.”

O’ Canada – Dieu Du Ciel

Don’t be scared off by the labels on the Dieu Du Ciel beers. Yes, they are a little freaky but they match the beers quite well.

Here a couple to whet your appetite…

“Corne du diable aka Horn of the Devil IPA is a contemporary interpretation of the classic English India Pale Ale. This new style, born on the west coast of North America, is characterized by stronger and hoppier beers. The result is a red ale expressing caramel flavours coming from the malt, sharp bitterness and powerful hop aromas, thanks to dry hopping”

“La Rescousse (To The Rescue) is a noble Altbier that celebrates life in all its diversity. Malty up front with accents of toasted bread, the well-balanced hops provide a tongue-tingling finish and give this copper ale with mahogany highlights its freshness, complexity and unique character. Dieu du Ciel! Brewers will donate 11 cents for every bottle sold to Fondation de la faune du Québec, in support of efforts to save endangered species such as the wolverine, the copper redhorse, and the western chorus frog. “Liberté, égalité, biodiversité !”