Keep Practicing

Practice is not a bad word, especially when we are practicing to be better. Almanac Beer Co. wants to remind us of that and to be better people towards all groups, including AAPI folks. So practice your hazy tasting of El Dorado, Centennial and Motueka hops.


Question. Is a doughnut beer a sub-set of pastry stouts and if so, are crullers far behind.

All Dunkin aside, this new can from Almanac might be of real interest if it is made with malt from their neighbor, Admiral Maltings. And coffee, can’t go wrong there.

In the Almanac filed under Cans

Another California brewer has entered the realm of canning….
Almanac will be putting their Fresh Beer Series into cans with the really well designed Google Map-pish San Francisco designed labels.

I don’t think I have seen either the Pilsner or Mandarina yet but methinks a variety pack might be in the future. Or at least I hope so.

Single Hop & Sour

First off the line was New Belgium and their Hop Tart now Almanac is debuting a new single hop sour series with the super popular Citra Hop.

They urge you to “look beyond the IBUs” and see how the citrusy hop with lemon and grapefruit notes plays with the “tart, earthy sour blonde ale, creating a beer that both contradicts and compliments itself.”

Almanac goes IPA

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 7.27.27 PMPart of me wishes that Almanac would stay with the fruits and odd styles like Gose.  And part of me does not like the damn curlicue/scrimshaw font either.  But I guess, when in Rome.  Go hoppy.  I am sure it will be a strong beer.

“Introducing our year-round Almanac IPA in 22 oz. bottles! This copper-hued, West Coast hop bomb is brewed with a malt base of California-grown two-row barley, with additions of German Vienna, Crystal and Biscuit malts.

Then we start layering on the hops—grown in California, Oregon and Washington. We combine Apollo, El Dorado, Simcoe and Mosaic to create our own twist on the IPA style with intense aromas of grapefruit and tangerine peel, melon, pineapple and pine trees. The finish has a clean bitterness and light saltine cracker note.”

Sorry for the non-ringing endorsement in the intro.  As much as I love hops, I wish some people could overcome the urge to add another IPA to the pile. But if the beer drinking people want bread and circus.

Almanac Brewing

Farm to table. It always warms my heart to see craft beer joining forces with artisans. Be it beer cocktails with bartenders, beer dinners with chefs or with local ingredients like the Almanac Beer Co.

“…a brewery dedicated to producing seasonal artisan ales, brewed specifically to complement local cuisine sourced and prepared with the same great care and craft.”

The Summer 2010 vintage is only available in San Francisco so unless you are a Bay Area denizen, you will have to drool over the cheese and entree pairing on the website.

These guys age their beer a long time and in limited amounts but I like the ethos. Very similar to the passion that Stone Brewing has as well.