Maybe Not So Strange Bedfellows – Part 1

Allagash Brewing Company and Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., are bringing Maine to Inglewood with Cur-8. Arriving in time for Black History Month, the new beer mashes up Crowns & Hops’ 8 Trill Pils pilsner with Allagash Curieux. A bourbon-y Tripel-esque pilsner.

Here are more details about the partnership, “Cur-8 is part of the new Eight Trillion Allies Collaboration Series that partners established breweries with Black-owned beer brands to accomplish true representation in the brewing industry. “8 Trill Pils” is named after a statistic from a W.K. Kellogg Foundation report, “Business Case for Racial Equity.” The report suggests that the U.S. stands to realize an $8 trillion gain in the national GDP by closing the racial equity gap by 2050.”


Count me as a fan of both a classic cocktail and beers masquerading as one.  Allagash Brewing has recently come out with Day’s End, a “red ale that takes inspiration from a cocktail known as the Boulevardier. Brewed with lambrusco grape must, angelica root, and bitter orange peel, then aged in bourbon barrels, this beer balances notes of vanilla, red wine, oak, and caramel.”

Brittle Beer

Allagash Brewing is supplying Bixby Chocolates of Maine with a key ingredient for their brittle, beer.

  • Allagash Sixteen Counties Chipotle Peanut Brittle: This peanut brittle is for the adventurist who enjoys a bit of spice and heat. Featuring the iconic Allagash Sixteen Counties beer (brewed with 100% Maine-grown grain). The brittle has a dash of chipotle and Maine Sea Salt for a mouthwatering experience.
  • Allagash White Peanut Brittle: Made with the famous Belgian-style Allagash White beer, peanuts, and a hint of Maine Sea Salt. Light and mellow with pleasing tones of malt, hops and Chocolate.

and lastly…

  • Allagash Nibby Stout: Made with Allagash North Sky Stout, this brittle has our Bixby nibs and mix of nuts. 

Virtual Saison

Pivoting to video and not in person can be easily made in some instances. But it can be also used with a little creative or just fun flair.

Us West Coasters will have to use our lunch break but this could be a fun way to learn about Saison’s and stay connected.

Right Now

When I spoke with Rob Tod last month, I made a point to ask about what other cans would be coming from Allagash. Somehow, Nowaday did not come up. But apparently a Blonde ale will follow River Trip and White Ale into 16oz cans. Looks like the trend is for lighter beers for now.

Allagash Out West

Rob Tod the founder of Allagash Brewing was in California the last couple of days and I had the chance to sit down and speak to him a bit about the brewery and what is coming up in 2020 for the East Coast based brewery.

The meat of the info will be posted on Food GPS for the next installment of Brew & You on February 6th and I will review the barcade in a day or two but here is a teaser photo of beer …

Loral Lager with HPB & Allagash

The Helpful SoCal Allagash Brewing crew paid a visit to Highland Park Brewing to do up a collaboration and come October, you can taste ½ of it.  Below are the details from HPB…

“We got together & brewed up a hoppy lager using Loral hops as well as Roy Farms 1940 hops. Part of this brew will get canned & kegged for a future release. Another part of the brew will be put into oak barrels to finish fermentation there.  Keep your eyes peeled for this beer to get released sometime in October.”

Arnold Allagash Palmer

I have been a long-time proponent of tea in beer.  I think Chamomile is great in lighter beers and also like Earl Grey additions to, so this lemon and tea beer from Allagash is up my alley.  What will be interesting to see is if the Brettanomyces yeast takes over and blunts the tea/lemonade notes.


Allagash Brewing is dipping into the can side of #independent beer and though I would have placed a wager that Allagash White would have been the beer of choice, instead they have gone with their Hoppy Table Beer.

For those who haven’t had the HTB in a while, here is the hopping breakdown:

“Hoppy Table Beer is hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Comet, and Azacca hops, then dry hopped with more Comet and Azacca.”