Get ready for a combo anniversary to ring in the 6th year of Ladyface and Eagle Rock

“Ladyface 6th Anniversary Invitational: Join us on January 24 to celebrate the Ladyface 6th Anniversary with a party that shoudln’t be missed! This year, we are hosting an invitational boutique beer festival with some cellared, barrel-aged special release and hard-to-find ales from our fellow brethren (and lady) brewers. Ladyface ales will be pouring from our cellar reserve list as well as 6th Anniversary [collaboration] ales “Iron Lady” and “Zes” from Eagle Rock. Live musical performance by Whiskey Sunday for the event! Tickets on sale HERE.

Some of the beers featured will include special selections from Firestone Walker, St. Adairius, Libertine, El Segundo, Pizza Port, Sierra Nevada, Arts District, Smog City, The Bruery, Stone, Lost Abbey and more!”

Blue Palms 6th Anniversary

Brian Lenzo has the anniversary party down. I commended him on the layout for the 2014 version and he told me that he keeps learning and I could tell because first and foremost it looked like he was having more fun this year than in the past and that is probably due to having all the moving parts finely tuned.

But it is to be expected from Blue Palms when they throw any party.

Here is what I liked about the running of the fest itself:

A)     All the notices leading up to the affair noted how hot the party was going to be since part of it was outside. But Lenzo tweaked where the tents were to make a much better flow and utilized more indoor space as well to give people a respite from the sun.

B)      Check in was efficient with mugs and tickets being handed out first so that when the doors opened, people could go right in.

C)      Except for one bar location the signage was great. Easy to see what was pouring.

D)     Good amount of seating. There can always be more but this was a good amount.

Enough of the inner workings, what about the beer?  Two words. Holy Crap! What an amazing list of beers under the super heated Hollywood skies.

My top two of the day came from Anaheim and Noble Ale Works. With their Tongue Tickles IPA (on cask) and the Cinnamon Roast Crunch being my co-Best in Show. The Cinnamon had the benefit of being a variant of the awesome Naughty Sauce and a bright cinnamon aroma. Tongue Tickles benefited from the cask service which added a layer of creaminess that offset the bite of the hops plus the slow transformation from foam to beer was great to watch.

Next on my list was the Mo Hop from Golden Road and the Southern Tier IPA on nitro. There was no shortage of hops at the fest but these two shone the brightest to me. I also have to recommend the fun tropical beers that Monkey Paw brought from San Diego. A coconut IPA and a pineapple IPA. Both were weird but good if too sweet.

If you weren’t there, by all means head there this week for some awesome “leftovers”.

And Mark the Calendar again…

There ain’t no party, well like a Blue Palms Anniversary Party.  And you only have a week or so to get in on the $55 price before it kicks up a notch.

But for those on the fence, 20 pours which is a fair number (especially for a hot August day) and the 90+ kegs brought in special for the event and the rarities that Brian Lenzo keeps unearthing.  There was beer from as far away as Brooklyn and Cincinnati last year.  Plus there will be some “core” beers which will flow that don’t require tickets.  But I bet the 20 will keep you plenty busy.