16 Ounces of Rasputin

North Coast is putting their flagship Old Rasputin into 16oz cans and I am torn. I do not think it is a 16oz type of beer. To me it is more a 10oz specialty bottle, that packaging would have you sipping more carefully, to wring every last drop out of it.

Dogged Cans

El Segundo keeps adding 16oz cans every once in a while, here is the latest as described by the brewery, ” White Dog is the second IPA we ever released and we’ve decided to resurrect it and give it a proper place in this world! It’s the OG Hazy, that isn’t really a hazy, but the clarity is hazy, so technically…this is a hazy? The malt bill is 50% wheat to soften its bite, so aside from that and clarity, in all other senses this is a traditional West Coast IPA. And for all you DDH and/or Nelson Sauvin lovers out there, White Dog is Double Dry Hopped with Nelson Sauvin.”

NS is one of my favorite hops and glad to see it in a big, burly ESBC IPA.

Put the Bear in the Can

Set aside your feelings on 16oz cans and the term unfiltered vs. hazy and instead look at the second hop on the label of Little Bear from Strand Brewing. A good chance to see how this hop works with Mosaic and whether you should look for more IPA’s with that hop attached.

Mischief Managed

The Bruery, now with their IPA Offshoot canning experience, is dipping a toe into adding their Mischief beer into cans as well. Seems like a good starting point since it is a well known name and it is hoppy. Customers seem to be thinking that if it is a 16oz can that it is hoppy at least if not hazy. I will be checking the price point to see what they are thinking the market will bear.

16 To Go

photo from the Brewyard Facebook page

I am all about the smaller sized to-go option. As much as I love crowlers, 32oz and some of the prices are too steep for me to pull the credit card trigger.

But Glendale’s Brewyard Beer Co. has started testing a new 16oz canning machine. And now, you can order up a pint of their selected tap beers for the road.


Allagash Brewing is dipping into the can side of #independent beer and though I would have placed a wager that Allagash White would have been the beer of choice, instead they have gone with their Hoppy Table Beer.

For those who haven’t had the HTB in a while, here is the hopping breakdown:

“Hoppy Table Beer is hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Comet, and Azacca hops, then dry hopped with more Comet and Azacca.”

Featured Review – Public House Saison from Angel City

The final Angel City review strays from wax to 16oz cans with their new-ish Public House Saison…

Public House is not hazy but not clear either. More opaque. Really nice multi-faceted beer. Starts with a big Belgian (hefe?) aroma then slides into a hopped Pilsner stage before returning to a Saison with a bite of lemon verbena notes and a touch of bubblegum. The hop hit is there and then cedes the stage. Well done.


With the addition of their bottle shop on 23rd in NW Portland, came crowlers for McMenamin’s beers which was a big jump for a chain where most people filled the beer into mason jars. (including me on a couple of occasions). Now the crowlers have begat Ruby Ale and Hammerhead into 160z cans.
I doubt that the line-up of cans will grow exponentially past 2 or 4 at tops but now you have a few more options if you have a family member in California who is addicted to Ruby Ale and just can’t believe it isn’t available everywhere.

Both will be available to go at all of McMenamins’ 54 locations across Oregon and Washington as singles ($2.75 each) or in 4-packs ($10).