Modern Times is switching it up in a couple differ ways with their new Dungeon Mao IPA. First, it is a West Coast and not hazy and second, it is in 12oz cans instead of the 16’s. Here is a little more detail on the new year-round offering, “This majestic 7.2% liquid is loaded with heaps of Nelson, Strata, Mosaic, & Centennial hops—a stellar lineup bursting with stone fruit, citrus, and tropical notes…”

Not a 16

The next time that you go beer shopping (safely of course). Do not let yourself get seduced by the rows of 16oz cans. Make a game out of finding beers in a 12oz format or plan to only buy bottles.

I say this to make sure we all keep our beer buying open to everything. Cans do many beers better favors than bottles but there are beers that are just as good in bombers or 25.4oz big bottles.


No matter what side of the tracks you come from, currently reside in, you are East of something. And so you will be able to enjoy this coming release from Angel City.

The lager is described as, ” The first of the series, Export Lager is a balanced, crisp lager with floral notes produced from the choicest grains and hops. The brewery has been brewing versions of the style under various names, and in 2019 this final version won Gold for the Pale European Beer category in The California Craft Brewer’s Competition. Inspired by those fairly underrepresented classic lager styles found in Northern Germany, export lagers are known for robust malt flavor and spicy hop character.”