Smoothie Brewery # 2 – Urban South Brewing

Next up is the bi-located Urban South Brewery which has spots in both Louisiana and Texas.

Let’s dive into there fruited beers…

Spillage Sour IPA Raspberry Vanilla Lemonade – “Base on a blend of milkshake IPA and our barrel fermented sour base. Conditioned on Raspberry, Vanilla and Lemonade.”

Double Spilled Pineapple Marshmallow – “Riped pineapples with the creamy smoothie Marshmallow mouthfeel.”

Triple Spilled – “Passion-fruit, Papaya, Tart Cherry, Guava, Pineapple, Apple: Over the river and through the woods to Fruit city! Explosion island of passion-fruit exploding right at first sip leaving you blown away over to the jungle of papaya city exotic flavors leaving you with doses of Pineapples and Apples lane to stop you at your tracks with Guava punch.”

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