Smog City – West

Though it has been “soft” open, I waited for the GRAND opening to visit the newest location for Smog City Brewing. I never visited the space in its previous incarnation so it is completely brand new to me.

Once you find the sign for Smog City – West amongst the many in this big strip mall, well off Hawthorne Boulevard, the space is pretty small all told. A square space of bench seating at the window, a few table tops opposite the bar. Very much similar to the original brewery.

This will be focused, at least at first, on the Wood Cellar beers. They may even (eventually) do some brewing here on the little system left over from Zymurgy.

As it stands, I would probably hit the main brewery first when the Smog City mood strikes. It is not a super easy drive down Hawthorne to get here from the north, But those coming from the south may find this to be an excellent location to pick up a taster and then buy some of the fancy sours and saisons that are becoming their calling card.