Sin City brewery # 1 – Banger Brewing


I don’t know what a Neonopolis is but I am pretty sure that is involves bright lights and slot machines. But now it also has craft beer courtesy of Banger Brewery.

A gang of 5 who worked at the Bellagio in food and beverage have teamed up to create this brewery that calls Fremont Street in Las Vegas home.  With that background in a glitzy world of food behind them, they should have a leg up in running a brewery.

That said, there line-up seemed pretty safe.  But hopefully they can straddle the tourist world of Las Vegas as well as creating a home for beer geeks like us.

Here is what I would first put in my taster tray…

SESSION (Blonde)– ABV 4.9%

Our most approachable ale. Base malt with a touch of crystal 10 and low IBUs makes this beer as approachable as they come. It’s a great intro into craft beer with a clean crisp finish.

DTB (Brown Ale)–ABV 6.0%

Our brown ale is a malty beer complimented with crystal 120 and a touch of chocolate malt and black patent to give it a toasted aroma with a crisp clean finish and subtle sweetness.