Shmaltzy Hops

Shmaltz Brewing Company has created a hop driven variety pack anchored by their Hop Manna IPA with the addition of two new Shmaltz IPAs for 2016, Hop Momma and Hop Mania which will start showing up in March/April of this year.

The MANNAge à trois variety pack beers are (starting with the newbies):

Hop Momma® (5.8% ABV): A session-ish IPA brewed with peach, apricot and Habanero peppers. Fruity hops accentuate the added flavors, making this Momma fresh and juicy with a subtle pepper kick.

Hop Mania Imperial IPA® (7.8% ABV): An Imperial IPA that’s dry-hopped with more Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops. Adding manic amounts of hops and playing up the malts throughout the brewing process gives Hop Mania Imperial IPA® a complex character and heady aroma. While the 7.8% ABV gives this beer strength, the mouth feel is deceptively smooth.

…and the returning IPA….
Hop MANNA® (65 IBUs, 6.8% ABV): Dry-hopped with Centennial, Cascade and Citra for a fruity aroma with lively floral and citrus flavors. Shmaltz’s first-ever single IPA, Hop MANNA® offers session after session of hop nourishment from the Shmaltz Tribe to yours.

I am left to wonder though, why the Jewishness is missing from the two new names. Hop Mania could be any Imperial IPA. I will endeavor to think of better mash-ups of hops and religion.