Session # 69

The November topic comes from Brew Beer and Drink It!
Ever feel like there are many things in this world that are backwards, upside down, wrong… that just don’t make sense?

Like local craft beer not being considered ‘domestic’ in the menu of many restaurants in the US…

Or like having a beer that doesn’t taste very good have the largest market share…

… among other things…

… but, hey. This. World. Is. Not. Perfect!

At least there are many things I would like to see change for the better… many of which are already happening… more micro-breweries are spawning and pissing off the big boys…

Not that I wish anyone bad, but I like seeing:

a) more people share the wealth of this industry rather than just a few companies

b) passionate people brewing because they love the craft more than they care about pleasing the pockets of shareholders and

c) micro-breweries actually getting involved with the community and hold events that benefit non-profits…

I raise a glass to New Belgium for holding their Clips of Faith events!

I like seeing breweries treat other breweries as friends and not competition… love all the collaboration brews coming out!!

I like attending beer festivals where it’s not about making money, but rather to unselfishly share and give… to enjoy beer… good tasting beer, that is… and bringing community together…

Most beer festivals I go to will mark the number of beers you have to make sure everyone gets enough… but they also want to make sure the beer is gone! and they will just share… and give unselfishly…

I know I didn’t have just one beer at the last beer festival I went to… —>

The Perfect Beer World… that’s how I picture it…

So with that being said… what is something you would like to see change… something that will take us closer to the Perfect Beer World?

The topic is wide open… even if you think that what you want to change for the better is not important or ridiculous… share it!

It is in our DNA to always be dreaming of the perfect world. It is probably why the story of Aladdin and the Lamp is still as powerful as it ever was. I always attempt to stay rooted in the here and the now and enjoy the pint in my hand but thinking about the next beer or what I would like to see on the tap list is always there in the back of my mind.

So here are a few “tweaks” that I would make to create an improved craft beer world today. November 2012 imperialized and dry hopped as it were.

1. A “fast track” for governmental approvals so that breweries could come online faster. It would really lower the hurdle for aspiring brewers.

2. Local beers in stadiums and arenas. Angel Stadium now serves up Bootlegger’s and Hangar 24 but I would love to see Staples with cans of Golden Road and Dodger Stadium with Eagle Rock brews and the new Farmer’s Field with Strand, Monkish and Smog City.

3. To be eligible to have a city wide beer week you must have a session festival. Only beers under 5% allowed.

4. More smaller distributors. The more there are, the better handled, I think, some brewery accounts will be leading to more beer in the marketplace.

5. Less imperial stouts on steroids and more pilsners.

6. More bottle shops with taps.

If all that magically appeared today, I could put away this old lamp with no genie in it.