Session # 43

The Beer Babe has announced the topic of The Session #43 (Sept. 3) and “Welcoming The New Kids” challenges bloggers “to seek out a new brewery and think about ways in which they could be welcomed into the existing beer community.”

How does their beer compare to the craft beer scene in your area? Are they doing anything in a new/exciting way? What advice, as a beer consumer, would you give to these new breweries?

Take this opportunity to say hello to the new neighbors in your area. Maybe its a nanobrewery that came to a festival for the first time that you vowed to “check out” later. Maybe it’s a new local beer on a shelf on the corner store that you hadn’t seen before. Dig deeper and tell us a story about the “new kids on the block.” I look forward to welcoming them to the neighborhood!

All bloggers are welcome to participate. Just leave a link below The Beer Babe’s announcement.

Being a transplanted Stumptowner living in Tinseltown, I see new breweries opening in Portland with an envious eye and palate. Wishing that the same pace was being kept in the much larger market of Los Angeles.

Alas, I have to make do with two small but exciting breweries. Eagle Rock Brewing (which is 10 minutes away as the traffic flys) and Nibble Bit Tabby (which is downtown and in limited release). I have blogged about both too much as I search the past postings on my blog so I thought I would do a general three rules for the new brewer in the neighborhood.

1. Location aka “Where do I park?”
I have been to two community hearings and it seems that parking is the only thing that really pisses people off. You could sell beer anywhere if you have ample parking that doesn’t impinge on nearby homes and business. Why this is the most important thing to people is still a mystery but wow does lack of parking raise a ruckus.

2. Give me options aka “Please give me a growler”
People love to visit breweries so don’t be locked up all day. People love to buy the local beer at the local bar so be on draft near the brewery. And for homebodies who like to sit and watch TV on the DVR, the growler is a must if canning or bottling is too expensive. You get the point. Don’t restrict people from your beer. Most of the country ain’t gonna get to taste your beer so make sure that your immediate circle is fulfilled.

3. Charity is Cool aka “But don’t give it away”
You don’t have to give beer away to every Tom, Dick and beer blogger but make sure you supply ANY worthy cause in your vicinity. Especially now, no charity is going to turn away money because it is alcohol funded. And most love having adult only functions with a local vibe.

I am sure there are other golden rules not to be violated but from my experience, my three really need to be looked at.

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