Sean suggests for November 2013


Oh to have seasons in Los Angeles.  Alas, we do not.  It is tough to have to recommend lighter beers all the way through December practically but the thrill of a barrel aged beer is lost a bit when it is 80 degrees out. But here are a few maltier options that still fit the hotter weather.


Latitude 33 / The Pasha’s Rye Brown 6.0% ABV

“Roasted malts and rich, spicy rye offset with a unique hop character.”


Golden Road / Burning Bush IPA 8.0% ABV

“Burning Bush uses the smoked malt characterized by a traditional German style Rauchbier with the hops of an west coast IPA. This deep copper colored ale has a light smoky aroma that sits atop a generous floral and piney hopping.”


Ninkasi / Imperiale  9.1% ABV

This High Gravity Stout from Eugene, Oregon.  (Sorry about Stanford) is flat out pretty in the glass.  Tan head that a barista could work a design into.  And the flavor is smooth.  Milk chocolate with a slight roast but cream is the flavor that I get most.