Sean Suggests for February 2020

In my birthday month, I look to some weird beers, since I am pretty weird. I found three new beers with fruit that I found super interesting.

Cellador Goseque- 4.7%
“This Gose-style ale was fermented on Summer Grand nectarines from Masumoto Family Farm, and is drinking great! It’s light and refreshing with very mellow acidity and noticeable salinity, brewed with Coriander and Sea Salt.”

Almanac / Strange Brewing Mapache – 6.2%
“Collaboration with Strange Brewing Co. in Buenos Aires. Sour Ale Aged In Oak Barrels With Blueberries, Plums, Peaches & Pears. This fruity sour ale was brewed with the masked menaces at Strange Brewing, hailing all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mapache, or raccoon in English, is inspired by rustic farmhouse beers and is packed with blueberries, plums, peaches, and pears.”

Ogopogo Borries – 7.2%
“Pastry sour with raspberries and donuts. Borries are a type of hellhound that roam the Netherlands. They may live both in water and on land. They walk differently from regular dogs. Using their two left or right legs simultaneously with each step. This gives their stride a sway that is unmistakably the walk of a Borries. When a Bories runs, its tail positions parallel to its spine. Some said the sight of a Borries was a bad omen, foretelling dangers. When a Borries approaches you, there’s not really any hope of outrunning it. The best thing to do is be still. Don’t talk or move, don’t even blink.”