Sean Suggests for December 2020

Ladies and gentlemen! We have made it tantalizing close to the end of what is easily the the most negative adjective year in my 50 plus years on this planet so let’s end with some serious cheer, right? Here are my shopping picks for December.


Beachwood Blendery Canbic – 6.5% – “Lambic-inspired sour ale with raspberry, cherry, and meyer lemon zest.”


Fantome Printemps – 8% – “Light, fruity and champagne-like. Fantôme brews special seasonal beers, never repeating a recipe from year to year.”


Fremont Barrel-Aged Dark Star Spice Wars – 12.7% – “This year’s release is a blend of 24, 18, 12, and 8-month Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Star in 7-12-year old Kentucky bourbon barrels. This special edition adds winter spices to complement the smooth oats and bring you a stout delight wrapped in the gentle embrace of bourbon barrel-aged warmth. A touch of sweetness dances in balance with the hops to finish with a wave, and then she’s gone.”