Sean Suggests for August 2019

Let’s stay local and stay hoppy.  We will start in San Gabriel and then head to Hawthorne for the bigger IPA’s.

Ogopogo / Hafgufa 5.80% ABV
“Hazy Pale Ale. Hafgufa is the Icelandic name of a massive sea monster reported to have existed in the Greenland Sea, which was said to disguise itself as an island or pair of rocks rising from the sea. Hafgufa was the mother of all sea monsters and fed on whales, ships, humans, and anything it could catch.”

L.A. AleWorks / Digimax 7.50% ABV
“Ella, Citra and Ahtanum lend notes of floral orange, pineapple and dank guava that make for an easy drinking Juicy IPA.”

Common Space / Random and Dangerous 8.40% ABV
“Monstrous citrus and tropical flavor and aroma from over six pounds per barrel of hops snap you awake from your boring beer stupor.”

All of these beers can be found at Sunset Beer Co. (unless they got bought up real quick)