Sean Suggests for April 2015

The theme this month is numerology. You have the 5th Game of Thrones beer with a menacing raven, the third addition to the Zymaster Series and the 2015 edition of some funkiness. A relatively heavy group of high ABV beers.

Brewery Ommegang / Three-Eyed Raven7.2% ABV
” Three-Eyed Raven harbors a deep dark brown, almost jet-black color with a light tan head. Yeast forward aromas are packed with peppery phenolics and fruity esters. Despite what you might expect from a dark hued beer, the flavor brings to mind a traditional saison: a light, malty body with a hint of sweetness, and roast accentuated by herbal and spicy hops, yet underpinned by pleasant yeastiness. Finish is crisp, with lingering notes of herbal hops and Belgian yeast.”

Anchor Brewing / Flying Cloud 7.4% ABV
” Anchor brewmaster Mark Carpenter’s recipe for our export stout (7.4% ABV) is more Dublin-style than London-style, which helps distinguish this black-as-night brew from our Anchor Porter (5.6% ABV). Our grain bill for Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout includes Maris Otter pale, two black malts, and flaked barley. Goldings hops provides the perfect complement to the dry, dark-chocolately flavors from the malt. And now this export stout, inspired by the stouts shipped around Cape Horn to San Francisco in the 1850s, ships—with delightful irony—to London, allowing our Anchor Brewery to return the 164-year-old favor!”


He’Brew / Funky Jewbelation 9.4 % ABV
” The 2015 incarnation of Funky Jewbelation will hit your glass as a deep, groovy brown, with a thin white head that dissipates quickly, leaving behind a funky tart aroma that comes after allowing a blend of certain beer to chill in a collection of far-out barrels for anywhere between a few months to over a year. The flavor of 2015 Funky Jewbelation is going to provide more hop character than most funky beers have seen, this dynamite quality comes from American hops we used to bitter and flavor one of our base beers, allowing a truly gnarly experience for all to geek out on!”