San Miguel (not a casino)

Los Angeles already is home to large breweries from Bud in Van Nuys to Miller off the 210 in Irwindale as well as Pabst in Los Angeles. Add to the big list, the Philippine-based San Miguel Brewery. The international brewery announced plans for its first US production site somewhere in Los Angeles.

San Miguel is on a spending spree to increase their capacity at home and will be plunking down around $150 million for this SoCal site which will take 2-3 years to build.

According to San Miguel president Ramon Ang, “The reason we are going to build a brewery in the US is because the volume of exports today in America can now warrant us to put up the brewery to support that volume,”.

They must think that the market for beer is robust enough not only in L.A. but on the West Coast as well to warrant the expense.