Review – Worthy Pale from Worthy Brewing


Love the neon green pull tab on the can as well as the directives, “drink”, “tote”, “share”, and “rotating around the top of the can.  Crazy to think of how many breweries are in Bend along with today’s beer from Worthy Brewing. This American pale ale pours a bright orange with a thin head.  At first it tastes more of the XPA mold than pale.  But with the fluid (pun intended) way brewers pick styles that is not a big shock.  Wheat and small citrus aroma here which follows through to the taste.  As it warms though, more tangerine notes start plucking my tastebuds.  There are some bread notes at the back too.


Big thanks to my mom for providing this can to me.  Always good to have a source for Pacific NW beers in SoCal.

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