Review – Verboten from Cellador Ales

I, like most people, have probable had a cocktail with Vermouth in it not knowing what the back story to that drink. Basically you have sweet/red or dry/white. Both come from a base of fortified wine spiced with botanicals. Let’s see what the Cellador Ales take on this cocktail ingredient tastes like….

…well, it starts off as a gusher. Popped the cap and had to hustle to clean up. Once safely into the glass, it pours a bit of a red color. I get quite a bit of strawberry here. Followed by a fuzzy tartness. There is a little bit of spice in he background but not super expressive. Considering the list of extras in this beer, it doesn’t have a lot of flavor levels to it. Makes me want to pair it with a strawberry pie.

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