Review – Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack from Firestone Walker

Prior to my trip up to the Central Coast, I snagged a variety pack of the Tropical Mind Haze Variants from Firestone Walker.

Starting from left to right with the Tiki Smash which is a winning combination of coconut and pineapple. I thought I was drinking pineapple juice for a moment. The bitterness is really low and I am not getting any mango notes to speak of, but it has the tropical nailed.

Next up is Hopical Crush with no specific flavors mentioned on the box. This has a lovely citrus aroma. Big navel orange flavor complemented by a grassy bitterness. I also get a bit of vanilla.

Lastly is the Citrus Cyclone, made with real tangerine. Comes across at first as like a Radler. That tangerine comes through in the aroma. Bitterness is buried beneath the juice note. Nice and refreshing but I would call it more a pale in profile.

Tiki Smash is my winner.