Review – Shore Break Hefeweizen

As part of a Twitter Tasting hosted by the Fresh & Easy Market chain, I had the opportunity to sample a beer new to me, Shore Break Hefeweizen.

This is a “phantom” craft as it depicts bucolic surf scenes and is sold here in California but is brewed by Rheinlander in Wisconsin.


It pours an orange golden color with not much aroma to speak of at all.  First sip comes and goes without any banana or clove so you can safely assume this is not a real hefeweizen.  But even worse, this beer is watery.  Not much there, there.  Grain taste is practically non-existent.

Not only is this not a “craft” beer it isn’t a German hefe and it is flat out a really poor example of a wheat beer. I do not recommend this beer and I would avoid other Shore Break and Underworld brands at Fresh and Easy and focus on the tried and true you can get there.

4 Replies to “Review – Shore Break Hefeweizen”

  1. I spent ten bucks on a six pack. I was expecting something neato, but all I got was a cheapie non-Hefeweizen type brew, blah.

  2. As you could tell by my review, I was not a fan either. But I sure didn’t pay $10. Prices can’t be rising that much.

  3. I bought a 6-pack of this stuff for $4.50 on sale, down from $11.00. I bought it based solely on the huge discount, but it wasn’t even worth that low price. It had a sweet, chemical bubble-gum flavor that was pretty disgusting. I poured out rather than finish the first can. Junk.

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