Review – Share This OC from The Bruery

Thanks to the generosity of The Bruery (shout out to Cambria), I got to sample the latest Share This offering: OC.

For the third iteration of this charitable series, Food Forward is the beneficiary to help with their aim of getting overabundant food off of neighborhood trees and to people who can use it.

OC has orange zest, TCHO cacao nibs and vanilla beans and it pours nearly black/dark brown. Of the three added flavors, the vanilla comes through the strongest, the cacao is strong too but there is much more of a lactose, smooth almost milkshake flavor to this beer. I wish that the orange zest was more present to add another layer to the vanilla and chocolate.

Recent Bruery beers have been tongue tingling sweet but OC steers clear of that trap without losing the strong flavors. This perfect as an Easter beer.