Review – Rhubarbian from 2 Towns Ciderhouse


You are at Beer Search Party and yes, you are reading a cider review on this blog.  On my recent trip to Portland, I picked up this Rhubarb cider because when are you going to get a chance to taste this combo?  Maybe in a pie but in an alcoholic drink.

This Corvallis based cidery does plenty of fruity ciders but the combination promised on the can: “Tangy, wild, and not for the faint of heart, the Rhubarbarian is a fearsome hard cider made with fresh-pressed NW rhubarb” made me pick up a can.

The aroma doesn’t scream rhubarb to me.  More like a combination of cider and white wine.  The taste is both pretty smooth with an initial hit of tartness.  The apple taste seems most prominent to me though the rhubarb is a nice undercurrent throughout the drinking.  You do have to pay attention to get that rhubarb though which leads me to wanting a bigger hit of that and less of the apple.  They also do a version with hops by the name of Hop & Stalk which I wish I had seen to compare.

Now I want rhubarb pie!