Review – Lost Abbey vs. Lost Abbey

Lost Abbey is known for sours and wild beers and big format bottles so it was with wonder that I saw six-packs on the shelves. One is Devotion, a blonde ale and the other is a Farmhouse lager. Now it’s time to match up these 12oz’rs and see which is better…

Devotion Blonde Ale
Very complex and yeast driven. Farmhouse funk. A heavy hand of clove to it. Orange peel. Sharp.

Farmhouse Lager
Pours an unexpected dark orange. Tastes more like a Vienna. Clean and simple. A hearty table beer.

Great labels on both and though the Devotion is more of a sipper than the normal blonde ales on the market, I prefer it over the lager. I also hope that more Lost Abbey beers get the 12oz treatment.