Review – Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru 2015 from Samuel Adams

I wanted to do something special for the first review of 2016, so I held onto a “media copy” of last year’s Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru from the cellar of Samuel Adams until now.  The Boston barrel-aged version of the Flanders Red pours a dark-ish brown with red streaking to it. There is a pie cherry note here of both the fruit and spice (and very nearly the crust) that I enjoy before the sour notes kick in underneath. There is a bit of wine barrel flavor profile here as well. I don’t know Hungarian oak but that must be what I am picking up. There is a slight viscosity as well a bit oily on the glass and tongue. Quite nice, especially with the sour being muted. Little bit of cherry pit aftertaste though.