Review – J Wakefield at Beer Belly

Beer Belly has been reaching further for their One Night Stand program this year as evidenced by Florida brewery J Wakefield pouring last Wednesday.

Here are my first impressions of their beer…

DFPF Berliner (Florida Weisse) Pours a bright fuschia color.  Fruit juice aroma.  Quite tart.  A bit of wheat peeks through at the end. A bit of a kool aid experience. 

The Man with a Golden Churro – Quite the simalcrum of a churro.  I taste burnt caramel.  Burnt high ABV at the end. My favorite of the three tasted.

Brewery Royale – very Heavy tasting. Lots of coconut.  They must have gotten a bulk sale of the stuff it was in every beer. A spice hit but did not scream cinnamon.

My cohorts for the night both did not like the El Jefe. Something about the coconut mixed with the clove that created some weird faces on them.

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