Review – Groupe G Belgian RyePA from Headlands Brewing Co.


This beer was part of my haul back from my Thanksgiving trip to the Bay Area.  Just now finding time to squeeze in the review.  All the Christmas beers monopolized space (in a good way).

This hybrid RyePA / Belgian Style from Headlands Brewing Co. pours a dark luminescent orange color.  Lots of lacing left on the glass.  I have never heard of this brewery until I saw the shiny silver can with a simple label stuck to it at City Beer in San Francisco.  It has a kick of citrus to it.  (Which is why the Satsuma is in the photo).  It has a sharp Belgian twang of farmyard funk to it.  They rye gets subsumed by those two notes though it does show up briefly in the aftertaste.  Quite interesting and I am glad I took the chance on the 16oz can.  And I wish I had seen their pilsner, Pt. Bonita.  Because I would have picked that up too.


I was going to recommend the book, The Telling Room in this spot but I am part-way through and I am not digging it.  Not at all.  This book has more footnotes than actual writing and it makes reading a bit of a slog.  So instead, I will recommend that you download and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.  It will probably be available on the 26th.  You can wait if you wish because the next season won’t start until late 2014.

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