Review – Easy Jack Summer Session IPA

Since I am in the middle of two posts about my trip to all places Firestone Walker and since I just reviewed a lovely, light IPA from Kona Brewing  I thought I would review another lovely, light IPA (Session, in this case) from FW.


This SIPA pours a very yellow color with loads of bubbles.  Looks more like a sparkling cider than a beer once the head fades down.  I get both fruit and wine notes along a skosh of cat pee in the aroma.  But the taste is delightful.  A mix of citrus notes.  I get orange and lime and lemon all mixed up.  There is a bit of wheat and light grain notes as well but this is a very light drink.  It is not watery but it is quite close.  It is bubbly and sparkles on the taste buds.  The bottles are date stamped so make sure you get a fresh one otherwise I fear that it may not hold that bright note for too long.  It has a bit of white wine character too as it warms up.  Delicious all the way through.