Review – Backwood’s Belgian from Lazy Magnolia


I love the name of this beer (the label not so much, font is hard to read and the Andy Griffith thing is a little too effort) from Lazy Magnolia that they say has a  ““Southern” infusion of Honeysuckle flowers.”  BB pours a hazy orange yellow. Not much head here. Getting a phenolic aroma first that is typical for goldens and hefe’s . Banana and spice notes bring an almost muffin taste to this beer. It is both slick and viscous on the palate despite a nice burst of bubbles at the outset that I was not expecting.  In the end, it was a little too cloying for me and I am also getting a discordant minor spice note stuck at the end. Don’t know if that is the “tea” or not.

I love the ideas and Southern-ness behind Lazy Magnolia and this beer though not a personal favorite is quite quaffable and certainly doesn’t stop me from wanting to try even more from this Mississippi brewery.