Review – Alosta in Cans

Recently at Sunset Beer, I spied the Alosta Brewing logo on cans. I grabbed both and now it is judgement time.

Starting with the 39 Highway lager which pours a pretty and bubbly darkish yellow tint. I catch a little bit of metallic in the aroma alongside the grain. This lager has a bit of sharpness that is balanced out by a grain based sweetness. With a bit more floral notes, this would be quite good.

I think the historical backstory on this beer is quite cool. Learning about lost cities of SoCal while having a beer. The initial taste of Spadra is good but quickly turns to mineral flavors that never quite leaves. There is a soft fruit aroma hidden in there and it tastes watery to me. More like a session IPA. That fruit aroma leads to a fruit punch taste which is hidden as well in the almost savory quality of the bitterness.

I would take the Highway over Spadra.