Review – Aberrant from Bergschrund (Logsdon)


Love the label in this new series from Logsdon.Farmhouse and good to see another beer offering from the Logsdon folks.  Mostly because I haven’t had even close to a bad beer from these guys.  On to my quick review: Pours a pale straw yellow with a big foamy white head.  A light Belgian yeast note in the aroma that really hits upon the first sip.  I pick up vanilla and spice notes amidst the funk.  My sister in law detected some fruit notes that I didn’t notice but maybe some stone fruit lurks for those that are more supertaster than I am.  Really light tasting and not 8% abv at all.


I have seen this one at Vendome in Toluca Lake and at a few other beery locales and I highly recommend it.

And what am I reading while drinking this?  A book about wine!  Heresy, I know but I have learned a nice amount of information already from the Inventing Wine by Paul Lukacs.  And that is in just a the first few pages.