Return Visit – Imperial Western

I really enjoyed my first taster flight at Imperial Western Brewing at Union Station and with a few months passed, it was time to re-visit and see how the beer was holding up.

The Ahoy-hoy Brut IPA was quite nice. It had a nice snap to it with a subtle hop hit. A little more pear/fruit note would have added to it but really solid example of the style.

The taster tray was a different story. The sour had a weird buttery taste and was really only partially sour. Table Manners was as good as I remembered from my first visit and Courier Corps IPA had a tremendous bouqet and hop hit to it. It was the clear winner of the afternoon. Superchief IPA seems to have regressed. It was fine. Straight up West Coast hop profile but the aroma was muted and it was a bit heavy on pine for my taste.

I did a little more exploring this time and the outdoor patio in the front of Union Station is a nice addition except for the fact that a convoy of idling food trucks was the view. Better was a little pass through nook that held the crowler stations. This might be a nice hidden spot when it is staffed to avoid the crowd of the big room.