Re-Visiting Barbara’s at the Brewery

Some places you just don’t get to enough. For whatever reason. We all have places that we ask ourselves why we don’t come around much anymore, to badly paraphrase the song.

For me, Barbara’s at the Brewery is that kind of place. Just far enough away and requiring either fighting the 5 freeway or the streets north of Downtown L.A. But there is a laid back vibe in the quirky restaurant and Erik Huig always manages to have two (if not more) beers on tap that I hadn’t had or even seen.

And as you can see from the photo the mix is varied and the prices down to earth. At least a buck or two cheaper than other places around town. Plus, you can get food as well. Simple good food that is also very reasonable price wise.

And if you think about it and look at the spire that rises above the complex, you will remember there was a brewery on this patch of land. You are sitting in brewing history for L.A. Eastside and then Pabst was brewed here. It was also an Edison facility too.

It is good to have new places popping up but sometimes we need to re-visit the spots that kept us going when the beer wasn’t flowing so much.