Rams or Chargers

With the Chargers moving north to join the Rams in Los Angeles, the City of Angels is NFL rich again.

And despite the interwebs gleeful destruction of the new Chargers logo and the connection to themed Bud Light cans for both teams, I look forward to some football themed and named beers from our local breweries.

Here are a few suggestions…..

Three Weavers could do a session ale, maybe a hoppy brown, with the name Inglewood Tailgate.

Phantom Carriage could do a Legends of the Past sour ale with a label that notes famous Rams and Chargers who are now passed to the great beyond.

El Segundo could have a Day 1 IPA release called Concussion Protocol. A bit morbid but not everyone is an NFL fan.

The next L.A. Brewers Guild Unity beer could be called Hometown Rivalry and be an Imperial ESB.