Portland brewery # 1 – Baerlic Brewing

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We are back in Portland (my hometown) for a month of brewery “tours” to celebrate Oregon Craft Beer Month. The starting point is Baerlic Brewing which translates to “of barley” for those who speak olde English.

Here are the beers that I would have added to my taster tray:
Cavalier – Classic Cream Ale
“A brazen take on the style, our classic cream ale is as complex as it is refreshing. Aromas of hop spice and lemon balance perfectly with a soft and fluffy malt body. Brewed with Himalayan Basmati Rice.”

Primeval – NW Brown Ale
“A NW take on an American Brown Ale. Aromas of evergreen, cocoa & sweet orange dance with biscuit, roast and malty sweetness that finishes dry with bittersweet chocolate and citrus.”

Eastside – Oatmeal Pilsner
“Traditionalists would curse our addition of raw oats to this style of beer, but we just love the texture it adds. And it pairs perfectly with the spicy and fruity flavors & aromas of Czech Saaz and Santiam hops.”

Nice & Easy – Salted Oat Gose
“Gose (say “gose-uh”) is an ancient salty & slightly sour beer originally from Leipzig, Germany. Big aromas of floral hop spice, malt and oats are complimented by a slightly tart and saline finish.”

Altera – India Red Lager
“We paired the rich and sweet malt of a Northern German Altbier with the citrussy, tropical and piney hops of a modern West coast IPA and fermented warm with a German lager yeast.”