Pilsen’s Small Breweries Club

I saw this article in the NY Times earlier this month and is my style, am just now getting to post it for those traveling to the wellspring of lager.

This part of the travelogue caught my eye….“The best news for thirsty tourists, however, might be the new Klub Malych Pivovaru, or Small Breweries Club, an easygoing, youthful bar whose dinginess belies that it is refreshingly (and atypically, for the Czech Republic) nonsmoking. Four rotating taps offer unusual beers from regional Czech and Bavarian producers, with several oddball specialties available in bottles, like the Regenator doppelbock from Germany’s obscure J. B. Falter label.

Though the ramshackle, romper-room décor of the bar leaves something to be desired, the beer geek is likely to be satisfied by its blend of picnic tables, grime and obscure beer-related knickknacks. But for thirsty pilgrims who chance upon an exciting new brew — like the madly hoppy Quarterback IPA from Pivovar Kocour — in one of the world’s greatest brewing towns, finishing a trip here can feel like the culmination of a religious experience.”

Who knew that you can get an American style IPA named after an American football position in the land of Pilsener Urquell?