Photos from the 2nd DTLA United Fest

Yesterday, I was back in DTLA (seem to be there more and more frequently) for the 2nd DTLA United Festival.

Here are some photos and notes on the event….
Above is the Saazberry from Angel City.  I tried that and Funky Wit and the Saaz with it’s pretty color and interplay of hop and fruit was the clear winner.

Speaking of winner, my favorite on the day was the Mumford So Hot Right Now pilsner, which reminded me of Pivo Pils.  It had a great hop hit that didn’t detract a note from the light pils.

Keeping it cool, I went for the Arts District lager, Daily Affirmation.  A little too grainy for me and not super refreshing.  I chased it with Indie Brewing’s Eastside Pale which quenched the thirst the hot sun was creating.

Then the Mercury Rising was rising, so I tasted the new Summer Ale from Boomtown with that name.  It was good but I sorta wished they had brung Mic Czech instead.

I finished up the day with two “United” beers done especially for the fest.  Arts District and Mumford did hoppy iterations. Again the Mumford grabbed my attention. A hybrid East/West IPA with much haze it added a lovely juice note with a hoppy swagger.

The scuttlebutt is that this event will become twice a year with the DTLA Bus Hops becoming a once a year LABW item instead of quarterly. If so, I would certainly pick the spring, winter event over the heated summer one.