Beer Co-Op

The Black Star in Texas has taken the owned by thing seriously.


Owned by and for themselves, not some conglomerate of breweries they are close to being up and running and I applaud them.

I also thought this tidbit from their website was interesting…”Drinkability is a term that comes up frequently when we’re talking about our future Black Star beers, and with the majority of our recipes, I’ve tried to tweak them to be more “drinkable.”

From a recipe standpoint, this usually means lower finishing gravities, slightly higher carbonation levels (although this is debatably more drinkable), use of wheat, and a balance of maltiness, hoppiness, and alcohol. I would say drinkability is made up of mouthfeel, refreshinicity (yeah, you heard me), and inebriatability.”

Beer Church

Beer Church Believes…

Beer Church believes that we beer lovers are part of one very large and diverse social group by virtue of our shared appreciation of beer. Beer Church also believes that beer lovers (and most people in general) want to make the world a better place. Our goal is to unite like-minded individuals with one simple mission­—make the world a better place one beer at a time.
What Beer Church Does…

To date, Beer Church has earned nearly $100,000 for charity. How? By drinking beer and having fun.

Our Web site provides entertainment and information for people who appreciate beer. It also provides us with a way to organize beer lovers and share our message with the world. We invite you to explore the site, learn more about Beer Church, and let us know what you think.

Sierra Dog Nevada Fish

from Beer Advocate…
This fall independent craft brewers Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, will release two collaborative beers. Limb & Life-a draft-only beer-will debut in October; with Life & Limb 24oz bottles and limited draft to follow in November.

Life & Limb is a 10% ABV strong beer that defies style characteristics-brewed with pure maple syrup from the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts and estate barley grown on the Grossman “farm” at the brewery in Chico. The beer is alive with yeast-a blend of both breweries’ house strains-bottle conditioned for added complexity and shelf life, and naturally carbonated with birch syrup fresh from Alaska; it is the first beer we know of ever to use birch syrup in the brew. If stored under good conditions, this rich, full-bodied beer should age well for years. Life & Limb will be available in 24-oz. bottles and limited draft starting this November.

Limb & Life is a companion to the big beer-an acorn off the larger tree. It is a 5% ABV small beer-a low-gravity beer made using the residual sugar as “second runnings” from the first larger brew, fortified with American hops. This is a session beer. Its big brother is a sipper. Limb & Life will be a limited draft-only product, a prelude to the bigger beer, available in select bars and restaurants this October.

Don't count calories with beer

from the Washington City Paper

Not to be outdone by a fellow conglomerate, Anheuser-Busch InBev raised (lowered?) the stakes against MillerCoors’ MGD Light 64 with its launch this week of Bud Select 55. The new light beer, which I promise is not a joke, boasts a slender and eponymous 55 calories. But A-B InBev not only bests MillerCoors in cutting calories — they pretty much give you less across the board. Let’s see how they stack up. (All servings 12 oz.)

* Bud Select 55 – 55 calories, 1.9 g carbs, 2.4% abv
* MGD Light 64 – 64 calories, 2.4 g carbs, 2.8% abv
* Bud Select – 99 calories, 3.1 g carbs, 4.3% abv
* skim milk – 129 calories, 17.9 g carbs
* orange juice – 168 calories, 28.2 g carbs


Lip Stinger

MacTarnahan’s Lip Stinger Farmhouse Ale with peppercorn is now on shelves for the late summer and fall season. It’s the first in a series of specialty 22-ounce-only offerings form MacTarnahan’s, which plans to bottle just 3000 cases. Lip Stinger is an effervescent and rustic farmhouse ale that brewers add a cracked peppercorn blend during fermentation to introduce a spicy nose and warming mouth feel.

(2) Exciting bits of Blog news

I know that blogs are the home of the wacky ideas and chronicles of weird adventures. Well, I am hopping into the pool as well. Inspired in part by the Julie and Julia movie that recently opened, I will be pulling my own beer stunts.

First, the day after Thanksgiving while everyone is out shopping, I will be drinking one holiday ale (or lager) a day. Up to and including Christmas, the regular posts will cease and in their place a thorough review of a holiday beer. Anchor’s Our Special Ale, Ebeneezer from Bridgeport and any other holiday themed brews on the market.

Then in 2010 (supplies willing), I will embark on a beer from all 50 states tour. Being in California, I will have to special order and ship in beers so the end date of this project is uncertain. But what I aim to do is show that we are truly blessed in America to have a wide range of great beers.

Collaborative Evil

from Draft Magazine

On a stormy night in 2008, three brewmasters devised an evil plan to take over the world. Okay, not really, but they named the inspired beer of their collaboration, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Collaborative Evil.

They each brewed the base beer at their own breweries, and the rule was that each brewer had to add a unique ingredient to distinguish it from the other two. The founders, Zac Triemert of Lucky Bucket Brewing Co., Matt Van Wyk formerly of Flossmor Station Brewing Co. and now at Oakshire Brewing Co., and Todd Ashman of Fifty Fifty Brewing, hoped to enter the beers in the Great American Beer Festival. Two of the three made it.

So this year, the Collaborative Evil effort has expanded to nine breweries and the new base beer style is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. This has presented some interesting challenges for the brewers, since they have to find nine unique ingredients instead of just three.

We wish them the best of luck in their quest for the GABF.

The new participants are: Valley Brewing Co., Sacramento Brewing Co., Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon, Oakshire Brewing Co., Silver Peak Brewery, and Speakeasy Ales & Lagers.

Downtown Portland gets McMenamin's Hotel

from the Oregonian & The Portland Business Journal

The new McMenamins Crystal Hotel will occupy prime land near the Brewery Blocks

“An eagerly anticipated hotel project in downtown Portland is taking shape after the spiraling economy temporarily shelved it.

“McMenamins Hotels, Pubs & Breweries secured a permit from the city of Portland on July 20 to proceed with its Crystal Hotel project at 303 S.W. 12th Ave., a former bath house, hotel and reputed gangster hangout that has been empty for about two years.”