Drink Locally

I urge all of you out there to keep supporting your local brewery. I know that alot of people are on “economic hold” ( Count me in that group) but if I you have a favorite brew, and it’s from the little brewery down the street, then you better keep buying it. Otherwise it might not be there the next time. Same goes for your local pub. You don’t need to do it all yourself. Let your circle of beer loving friends know about your favorite place or a new place near them.

I will start. If you are in the Los Angeles area here are two great places to try….

Laurel Tavern in Studio City

The York in Highland Park

My Top 10 Beers

In no particular order….
Gose bier from Bayerischer Banhof in Leipzig
Ruby Ale from McMenamin’s
Haymaker from Bridgeport Brewing
Brrr! from Widmer
Our Special Ale from Anchor Steam
Blind Pig from Russian River
IPA from Green Flash Brewing
Hefeweizen from Landskron Brewing
Pommes Lambic from Lindemans
and sadly no longer made
Weizenberry from Thomas Kemper

Best beer for a Super Bowl

Full Sail’s Session. Comes in a case of 12 stubby bottles. Light and refreshing. An excellent choice for a large group of people. Low alcohol without sacrificing taste. And look at the bottom of the cap! Rock – Paper – Scissors!!!

Hello Beer Drinking world!

This is the debut of the Beer Search Party. This is your destination for easy advice about the vast world of beer. This blog will have my opinions on the best beer to drink and where to drink it. If you want specific advice, e-mail me at pdxsean9@gmail.com. I will find you the perfect brew for whatever the situation.