Beer Search Party services

I don’t know what reason brought you to this blog or why you keep coming back but here is one thing that I think will be quite useful..

The Beer Search Party Beer Vacation Planner (BVP).

All you have to do is e-mail me at .
Tell me A) where you are going & B) when you are going.

I will give you a list of breweries, beers, bars and restaurants to visit. Along with addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation. As a beer geek, you know this stuff but do you want to do it when you could be drinking beer? It’s called outsourcing and for a limited time it will be free of charge.

Free is a very good price.


I recently received this e-mail….
“Special Beer Release Party for PREVALE coming this Wednesday, Sept. 2 at Laurelwood (NE 51 & Sandy location). Live music begins at 7 p.m. Please come anytime to support the purchase of this special brew and help spread the word. Distribution will eventually include Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Whole Foods and any store that sells fine craft beer!

Laurelwood has generously brewed and bottled a benefit beer appropriately named PREVALE Ale. Proceeds from the sale of PREVALE (sold in 22 oz bottles or by the case or on tap) will go to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and help in the fight against cancer…

because we will prevail!”

Please help out a worthy cause and give a hearty thanks to Laurelwood for their generosity of time, spirit and money.

Commodity prices

According to yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, due to rising commodity prices ABInbev and MillerCoors are raising prices. “Retailers will not eat the price increases.” Shouldn’t it say “not drink up” the price increases? And what really is interesting, is how no mention is made of what commodity. Are they afraid to say corn and rice?

I missed at Stone 13 – Boo

Monk logo 20051

Here are their offerings…
Papago Orange Blossom Wheat Beer
Our most popular beer. A light American Wheat Ale flavored with Mandarin Orange and Vanilla. Like a liquid old fashioned creamsicle. 4.5% ABV

Papago El Robusto Porter
An Imperial Porter. Dark as night, rich and flavorful. One of our original beers since day one. A Bronze medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. 8% ABV

Churchill’s Wheatwine
Strong like a barleywine but smooth because of the golden wheat used to brew it. Another one of our original beers. 9.6% ABV 60 IBU’s

Ryan’s Red Ale
An Irish Red Ale but really more of an Anglo-Irish Red Ale. Red and Malty like an Irish Red Ale but with a light dose of American hops. Named for our managing partner before she married a brewer and changed her name. 6% ABV

Papago Oude Zuipers
A truly authentic Belgian Tripel. “Old Drunk” is brewed for us in Belgium. Rich golden color, lots of Belgian yeast character. Very strong. 11% ABV

Papago Elsie’s Irish Coffee Milk Stout
An Irish car bomb in a glass. A rich milk stout with 1 pound of Irish Cream flavored coffee beans added per barrel. 5.5% ABV

New Oregon beer – Part 2

from Raccoon Lodge and Cascade Brewing comes…
the “recently released our newest “Kabalorater,” which is the second in a series of beers made in collaboration with the PDX Home Brewers Club. Brewed by club member Alan Ruoff, Mt. Hood Honey Moon is a deliciously sweet barrel conditioned beer with Mt. Hood hops and undertones of honey. The crisp beer features a nice backbone of German malts and weighs in at 5%. It’s an ideal summer refresher!”

New Oregon beer – Part 1

from Pelican Brewery in Pacific City, Oregon comes…
La Fleur Amère- With an abundance of floral, herbal hops and a rich, malty foundation, La Fleur Amère marries an assertive English-style IPA with exotic Belgian-style yeast. Brewed especially for the Oregon Brewers Guild’s “Cheers to Belgian Beers” event, but making a return appearance only at the Bite of Oregon, La Fleur Amère features a sparkling light gold color, an aroma of floral, earthy, herbal hops and a fruity, spicy yeast character. La Fleur Amère is dry-hopped with more than a pound of hops per barrel and finishes with a clean, snappy balance of malt flavor, hop bitterness, and slightly tart, spicy yeast character. ABV 7.% IBU’s 65 16.4 Plato

Beer bloggin'

I am all for even more people writing about beer. And I mean it. Everyday, I learn something new from bloggers who have written about beer for years before it was a twinkle in my eye and from newbies who are just finding their voice and style.

So, I was glad to (finally) find I encourage everyone to check out their site.

Beer Petition

Is there nothing the internet can’t do? Now bloggers like me can run off at the mouth about the great beer they are drinking or wish they are drinking. You can get e-mail blasts that detail what the beer bars are pouring and when all is said and done, you can review each and every beer.

Add another item to the list, .

From The Oregonian and John Foyston (beer writer extraordinaire) …, a new website launched this week, aims to allow craft beer drinkers to aggregate their beer wish lists online so that local retail establishments will know the beers their customers want. This web tool could change how retail establishments choose beer brands and could dramatically increase craft beer market share. allows registered users to create an online petition for a specific beer brand to be carried at a particular retail establishment such as a bar, restaurant, or store. Members create profiles, add their signatures to petitions, and add comments to petition pages. Members also have the option to receive email alerts when new petitions are created for selected retail establishments.

This could be a potent tool to use against bad bars but I certainly would not dare to petition Ryan at the Verdugo or Brian at Blue Palms about what they should pour.